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To some, the sky is the limit.

To a pilot, it is his home.

Strokkur - The Geothermal Geysir

Over Iceland


Over Iceland (#overIceland) is a not-for-profit photography club in Iceland. Membership entitles you to fly around Iceland, but only share the direct costs involved. If you have a pilot’s license yourself, please contact us for the minimum qualifications for aircraft rental. If you are not a pilot, but still wanting to fly - no problem; we’ll assign you a qualified, commercial pilot. No pilot is remunerated in any way. We don't advertise any flying services and are not a commercial operation.


The Over Iceland membership fees are €90 per annum and has to be prepaid.


So what is included in membership?

  • You will receive a quarterly newsletter with some great pictures our members have contributed, tips on aerial photography and much more (it’s still a work in progress).
  • A beautiful t-shirt in your size!
  • The immense satisfaction of being in one of the more elite clubs in the world!


Other FAQ’s:

Are you a commercial operator?

No. We are not running a commercial operation in any way, legal or otherwise. If you become a member and fly with anyone of us, you would be on a private flight, albeit with commercial pilots that have many years of experience and willing to provide you with an experience of a lifetime, and a flight operated in a very professional manner. In regards to insurance and safety, OverIceland operates in a highly professional manner and subscribes to all the necessary insurances.


Why don’t you operate commercially?

The truth be told, it wouldn’t be financially viable – as is. The base costs of attaining an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) here in Iceland are excessive. If you want to contribute to offsetting those costs, please contact any one of the operators mentioned here – especially Volcano Heli, if you’re looking for some great helicopter flights. There are a few more reasons why we don’t operate under an AOC, but the first and last is that we wouldn’t be able to provide members with the same service at the same price level that we do.


Do you operate helicopters?

YES! With our brilliant partner, Volcano Heli we do provide helicopter flight. As a member, you are able to enjoy a special discounted price on those services.


Where do I sign up?

For the next few days, it would be sufficient to send your contact details to But in a short while, we’ll have a sign-up page up and ready for you.


I’ve got a lot more questions for you.

Yeah… well, send me an email, and I’ll do my best to answer them in detail.



Please contact us at for more details and check out our Facebook profile. If you have an Instagram account - we're there as well under the tag #overiceland and profile name Volcano Air.

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